Risk Management Overview

As fraud evolves, so must detection

ACI offers banks and intermediaries a 360-degree approach to enterprise fraud management.
The flexible solution is designed to combat both existing and emerging fraud threats using a superior combination of machine learning, fraud and payments data, and advanced analytics.

Tremendous visibility. Rapid reaction. Real-time fraud management

ACI’s Payments Intelligence solution features ACI Proactive Risk Manager — delivering peace of mind in the face of evolving fraud threats. Take advantage of multi-layered fraud prevention that:

  • Eliminates silos
  • Delivers visibility across all channels, minimizing risk and saving money
  • Is backed by a team of risk experts with a unique line of sight on local, regional and global fraud threats

Machine Learning — delivering a simple, fast and unbeatable customer experience

The ACI Model Generator specifically empowers business users to build and deploy their own adaptive machine learning models in a fast and intuitive manner.

  • Supports the complete model development process in mere hours, with the ability to build unlimited models
  • Provides the highest level of business context and explainability
  • Eliminates the barrier of entry for any organization, with a fully integrated and intuitive interface
  • Enhances operational efficiency through improved false positive rates and detection
  • Leverages available data in real time to pinpoint assertive and strong signals of fraud

Fraud Prevention For Merchants - Secure Anytime, Anywhere Payments

A single fraud incident can cost you countless customers, the money spent acquiring them and the ongoing revenue they would provide. With ACI, you are protected against all types of fraud, account takeover and identity theft. You improve your customer’s satisfaction and protect your brand reputation. ACI fraud prevention solutions serve retail, travel, hospitality, telecommunications, gaming and more.

Merchants - Protect your customers. And your reputation

The explosion in eCommerce transactions and the resulting rise in online fraud have made securing payments to protect your customers and your brand reputation a daunting task. Don’t let the fraudsters win. As part of ACI’s UP Payments Risk Management solution, ACI ReD Shield offers a sophisticated, real-time approach to online fraud prevention and detection, tailored to the requirements of eCommerce merchants.

Constantly evolving security, bolstered by global intelligence. All just a click away

ReD Shield gives you access to the latest fraud prevention tools and techniques without the need to invest in technologies and resources. It’s multi-tiered and industrial strength, combining unlimited rules with other data attributes enhanced through the use of neural models to holistically reduce fraud and chargebacks.
ReD Shield gives you access to unrivaled global fraud intelligence. Our expert risk analysts work with you to define and optimize fraud strategies, test and introduce new fraud rules, and detect and track new and emerging patterns of payments fraud. And we’ll tailor it for any merchant sector, including retail, telco, travel and gaming.
The ACI ReDi self-service business intelligence portal puts monitoring at your fingertips. You’ll see the impact of your fraud strategies and rules in near-real time, gaining fast and easy access to the information you need to manage, evaluate and report on performance.

A strong defense is the best offense

ReD Shield is built to be the backbone of your business success — to protect revenues, promote growth and enhance your customers’ experiences. Download our fraud insights and case studies to see examples of our fast implementation process and the results we’ve delivered for more than 200 leading merchants, retailers and travel companies.