Retail Payment Solution Overview

Our retail payment solution combines the features and functionalities of current systems and next-generation technologies in a coexistence environment to deliver a digital payment experience. The solution supports your chosen Open API strategies through the Universal Payments Framework’s API Manager capabilities and provides a path for handling real-time payments. This holistic solution delivers clear business value and benefits for transforming your payments environment while protecting the investments made in existing systems.

We have defined a practical path to the future called “Navigating the Five C’s.” It allows banks and intermediaries to maintain business as usual and add new services while transforming to an enterprise payment solution at your own pace. With a secure foundation, you can move to a real-time and open digital banking environment and compete successfully in the New Payments Ecosystem.

Extending the value of UP retail payments' solution with API Management and Immediate Payments

Handle Volumes with Confidence

Delivers a real-time, digital banking experience

Unsure of how your current system will be able to handle unknown volumes that real-time payments and API enquiries will bring?
Need to know your system will be available 24x7x365 to ensure that your customer’s information is always accurate, and their funds are instantly available?

Our retail payment solution with API Manager and Immediate Payments allows your business to:

  • Scale for volume while ensuring continued availability
  • Cater for the unknown payment type mix whether financial or non-financial
  • Expand to the next real-time scheme as they launch in the global market

Connect with Ease

Delivers an enterprise view

Need a single enterprise wide view and full management of all payments across many systems? Want to be able to quickly connect to third party providers and other systems and be responsive to market demands?

Our Retail Payments solution with API Manager and Immediate Payments allows your business to:

  • Configure, manage and deploy new APIs
  • Implement and connect to over 10 global real-time payment schemes
  • Orchestrate the flow of payments across your systems

Respond with Agility

Navigates the new payments ecosystem

Want to stay relevant by quickly responding to changing consumer, market and regulatory demands while facing increasing competition? Need to connect with new players and exchange payment information and maintain the trust of your customers?

The Retail Payment solution with API Manager and Immediate Payments allows your business to:

  • Provide protection on all API transactions to ensure the right level of scrutiny is applied to who is asking and what permissions they have been granted
  • Offer value-added services to your customers without impacting system performance or service delivery
  • Respond to the increase in demand for cross-border payments

Optimise your Payments Environment with our Retail Payments

Transform your legacy systems at your own pace and get real-time, any-to-any payment capabilities with our Retail Payments.