Real-Time Payment Solution Overview

The old divides of transaction versus retail banking are blurred by the advent of real-time payments. You now have competing investment priorities to solve for a rapidly changing wire-transfer market, and meet the new real-time standards and schemes. You need to develop new strategies to enable real-time payments, while protecting your strong wire-transfers business from cannibalization. The freedom to rapidly make a strategic or tactical move, and realize the new market opportunities, is essential to your future success.

Discover how to balance your competing priorities, and make the most of the cloud, with UP Real-Time Payments solution.

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Real-Time Everything

The road to real-time payments necessitates a complete digital transformation of a bank and real-time enablement within the bank’s back office. Any tactical decisions made now must align with the strategic evolution to real-time everything.

Money Transfer System

Money Transfer System is a global payment engine that offers multi-bank, multi-currency and 24x7 payment processing capabilities, in addition to seamless integration with multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms, as well as SWIFT messaging.


Our SWIFT gpi Solutions support your bank to fully enable SWIFT’s Global Payment Innovation (GPI) initiative, driving business value to you and your customers for cross-border payments with a solution to meet your strategic business and technology objectives.