Aspect® Overview

Lambda Technologies is Aspect's only partner in Malaysia with a full compliment of technical skills required to design implement, support and maintain their solutions competently and completely.

Aspect Signature Product Line features industry-leading products with the capabilities and reliability you require when replacing or incrementally adding functionality to your contact center.

Aspect Unified Product Line addresses your need for reduced complexity. The Contact Center Performance Optimization Product Line helps you maximize agent performance, optimize resources, increase customer contacts while enhancing the quality of the customer experience. And Aspect IP Strategy enables you to integrate VoIP into your contact center environment how and when you want to.
Aspect® Unified IP

Our next-generation unified contact center software transforms the call center and redefines call center software with a single, unified solution for a full breadth of customer contact capabilities for inbound, outbound, voice portal, Internet contact, multichannel self-service and proactive contact capabilities, as well as tight integration with Microsoft Lync to fuel innovative unified communications (UC) and collaboration functionality.

Inbound ACD – With a proven history of automatic call distributor (ACD) leadership, our best-of-breed inbound capabilities intelligently route callers to available agents.

Outbound Dialer – Hailed as the creator of the predictive dialer, Aspect Unified IP delivers automated, predictive, precise, progressive, manual, and blaster dialing options

Voice Portal – Next-generation voice self-service (IVR) capabilities enable you to automate some or all of your call center interactions

Internet Contact – Provide an experience for Web-based communications similar to that of traditional call center software platforms.

Campaign Optimization – Optimize campaign strategies for outbound call center software programs to deliver high-yield results.

Unified Communications and Collaboration – Leverage seamless integrations with Microsoft Lync and SharePoint 2010 to easily search and engage experts across the enterprise.
Aspect® Signature Product Line

Today's 2.0 consumers demand anytime and anywhere access that is difficult for call center software to deliver. Our customer contact center applications serve today's 2.0 consumers with capabilities beyond those of traditional call center software. Aspect transforms call centers into innovative contact centers by extracting and uniting key functionality from our unified call center software solutions and workforce optimization platforms to help you achieve targeted business results.

Seamless Customer Service™ – uses contact center software solution tools to delivers the tools for comprehensive call response, coordinated self-service/live service and integrated assistance to enhance the customer experience.

Blended Interaction™ – unites inbound routing, Internet contact, voice portal, outbound dialing and workforce management using SIP-based VoIP or traditional voice into your call center software.

Unified Outreach™ – automates proactive contact strategies for customer service and sales, and targets past due accounts more effectively, reduces delinquencies and secures more promises to pay.

Productive Workforce™ – helps you optimize resource utilization so you can service more customers with fewer agents, reduce costs, and improve customer service, sales and collections results.

Optimized Collections™ – utilizes performance, workforce and campaign management to apply the right resources at the right times to improve collections results.

Advanced Quality Analysis™ – helps you capture the right insight into customer needs and staff capabilities and integrate these learnings into your continuous improvement process.

Aspect® eWorkforce Management

Based on industry-acclaimed TCS technology, Aspect eWorkforce Management enables you to accurately plan, efficiently manage and optimize the performance of your multi-skilled, multichannel, multisite and outsourced staffing resources. With a productive, empowered agent population, you can maximize profits and customer satisfaction, reduce staffing costs and turnover, deliver superior customer service and improve your contact center's overall performance to better meet your company's business goals.

Aspect eWorkforce Management includes a complete suite of solutions to meet every workforce management need. The suite’s core component provides essential workforce management forecasting, scheduling and tracking functionality for single-skill, multiskill, and multichannel contact center environments. To gain greater levels of efficiencies, the suite includes a set of fully integrated Enhancement Packages that help fine-tune agent productivity, empower agents and supervisors, optimize overall performance and simplify the management of your multisite and outsourced contact center workforces.

Aspect® Social for Social Customer Service

Aspect® Social turns social monologues into productive dialogues that grow customer value in the contact center.

Custom built for the contact center, Aspect Social goes beyond social monitoring and ad-hoc response and provides a way to respond to the social consumer consistent with contact center best practices. By extending the discipline of the contact center to the social sphere, organizations can consolidate and orchestrate conversations in a way other groups – like Marketing – cannot and achieve a more efficient, effective social dialogue.

Product Capabilities

Aspect Social provides contact center agents a way to keep their social interactions in context, identifying and tracking changes in sentiment, in an environment that can leverage your knowledge base and community for informed, consistent responses. By focusing on the customer experience, Aspect Social provides the ability to answer customer requests and proactively inform social consumers of events, issues, promotions or even changes (ie new service number or email) when they need it through their channel of choice, minimizing repetitive requests. Rather than passively listening and monitoring social media, organizations can take action in real-time to requests for information, service and guidance that consumers regularly make in the social sphere.

By enabling the contact center to apply best practices to social customer engagements, Aspect Social can minimize your total interaction costs by providing access to a channel that customers already prefer, that costs up to three (3) times less than traditional channel (voice, email, chat, etc.). With the ability to track agent performance and maintain the context of social interactions, organizations can realize better value from their customers, at a lower cost, without sacrificing customer contact best practices.

Aspect Social allows you to:

  • Capture, prioritize and assign social interactions to the right team
  • Maintain the context of social conversations
  • Provide accountability and ability to measure the success of social efforts through KPI's (service levels)
  • Improve traditional contact center metrics (First Call Resolution) and also have a measureable effect on customer outcomes (satisfaction, spend, loyalty)
  • Assign and re-assign work based on business needs and social volume
  • ...and more

Aspect Social is powered by Lithium, a leader in social technologies.

Advanced Quality Analysis™

Advanced Quality Analysis™ is a unified communications (UC) application for the contact center that improves customer interactions through analytics driven quality, ensuring that everyone is driving towards the same goals by providing a common definition of efficiency and effectiveness.

This customer contact application enables you to capture the right insight into customer needs and staff capabilities, include this insight as part of the quality process and create a full view into quality, customer feedback and operational performance.

Product Capabilities

Advanced Quality Analysis delivers the tools and processes to help you ensure that your customer-facing resources are focused on what matters to the customer and your company – driving bottom line results through a better customer experience while minimizing procedural compliance risk and total cost of ownership.

Advanced Quality Analysis allows you to:

  • Utilize live monitoring to facilitate real-time supervisor assistance
  • Easily create flexible, business-driven recording rules
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading ACDs and predictive dialers
  • Integrate agent self-evaluation and feedback tools with online coaching
  • Effortlessly create agent evaluation forms
  • Utilize integrated customer survey tools tied to call history and recording
  • Implement an easy-to use browser-based user interface